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Helm of the Deep Delver

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Helm of the Deep Delver
Oblivion DwarvenHelmet
GoldIcon 4750
WeightIcon 8
ArmorIcon 5
Armor Health 500
Enchantment Value Drain Speed 5 pts
Light 60 ft
Resist Disease 30%
Resist Poison 30%
Item ID 000CA119

The Helm of the Deep Delver is an enchanted Dwarven helmet that has light, resist poison, and drain speed enchantments. It is for sale at the Three Brothers Trade Goods in the Market District.


  • The helm is quite useful for those who cannot cast light spells, as well as those who prefer to use two handed weapons or shields, thus preventing them from using a torch.
  • For most, by the time the Hero has accumulated enough GoldIcon to buy this item, it will not be needed for anything other than a collectible item.


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