Helvo Atius' House is a residence in the Talos Plaza District in the Imperial City. It is the residence of Helvo Atius. It is across from Dorian's House, and next to Sevarius Atius' House.


The house has three zones, the main floor, Private Quarters, and Basement.

Helvo Atius' HouseEdit

Helvo Atius' House, the main floor, has little worth stealing. The main floor holds the eating area and a small chest on the wall. The stairs to the private quarters are near the front door while the door to the basement is near the back of the room behind the stairs.

Helvo Atius' Private QuartersEdit

The private quarters has a large bed, and a few small tables. The desk in the corner has a copy of Darkest Darkness.

Helvo Atius' BasementEdit

The basement has little of value, and sure as storage for Helvo. There are a few chest and barrels, holding food and clutter.