Not to be confused with Haming.
"My Mother spares no expense where I'm concerned. I'm heir to the family fortune after all."
―Hemming Black-Briar[src]


Hemming Black-Briar is a Nord and the eldest son and heir of Maven Black-Briar and father to Sibbi and Ingun. He lives in Riften, in the Black-Briar Manor.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hemming wears Fine Clothes and a Fine Hat, like many of the Black-Briar family. It is widely acknowledged that Hemming doesn't have the same power as Maven, and seems to live under her thumb. For instance, she becomes the Jarl of Riften after Laila Law-Giver leaves, and he is her steward.


Hemming becomes steward of Riften if the Imperial Questline is carried out, and will then sell the house, Honeyside, and its upgrades, to the Dragonborn.


Jarl of RiftenEdit

Maul: "Your mother seems to have taken to her seat quite well."
Hemming: "Yes, she's been grooming herself for this for quite a long time."
Maul: "It's surprising the Council is allowing a Nord rule Riften under the Imperial flag. That can't be their first choice."

Hemming: "Let's just say my mother knows which pockets to line and keep it at that."


  • "Fancy yourself the adventuring type, eh? It's just as well, I doubt your combat prowess would prove valuable in a real battle anyway."
  • "I was trained by some of the finest warriors in all Skyrim to wield a blade as if it was an extension of my own arm."
  • "My Mother spares no expense where I'm concerned. I'm heir to the family fortune after all."
  • "Once I'm in charge I have bigger aspirations than just Skyrim. I plan to bring Black-Briar Mead to all of Tamriel."
  • "My children, Sibbi and Ingun, are being groomed to run the family business one day as well."
  • "Sibbi will prove to be a fine leader one day, but Ingun... that girl has her mind somewhere other than business."
  • "Maven's disappointed that Ingun's heart isn't in the family business, but she says "Ingun still has her uses." Not sure what that means."
  • "You'll do best to remember whose in charge around here."
  • "You can't scare me into submission. Let's go!" (during Hired Muscle)


  • One of his lines refers to Sibbi and Ingun as his children instead of his siblings. *He is sometimes found sleeping next to Maven in her bed; he may have originally been written as her husband.
  • Hemming has apparently been seduced by Haelga before, as when the Dragonborn first visits Riften, they can witness Maven warning Haelga about "practicing her Dibellan arts" on Hemming. *This may be connected to the above theory that Hemming was once Maven's husband, or simply that Maven does not want her son's reputation ruined by being seen with Haelga.
  • One line of dialogue from him references Maven as his mother, Mjoll the Lioness also references her as his mother.
  • The Creation Kit has him set as her son and the father of Sibbi and Ingun, with Maven being the Grandmother.


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