"I've lost my way. This place looks familiar, but I can't remember how I got here. Can you help me?"
―Henantier, about the Dreamworld.[src]

Henantier quote

Henantier is an Altmer who lives with Kud-Ei, his friend, in his house in Bravil. Both him and Kud-Ei are mages at the Bravil Mages Guild.

In the quest "Through a Nightmare, Darkly," he is under enchantment by an amulet that is keeping him in a deep sleep where he is bound by his own nightmares. Kud-Ei calls upon the hero to save him.


"He's always getting himself into jams with the careless ways he performs his experiments, and well, I'm afraid he's done it again"
Kud-Ei, on Henantier.[src]

According to Kud-Ei, guild rules state that dangerous experiments must be conducted under the watchful eye of an associate, to minimize the chances of hazards occurring unnoticed.

Henantier was never one to follow the rules and conducted his experiments in secrecy. Kud-Ei warned him that delving into one's own dreams could be risky, but he did not listen. Since Henantier's Dreamworld involves large ares of darkness and dreamworld minotaur, Henantier is likely afraid of these things, since he appears frantic in the dream and dreamers usually dream what they fear during nightmares.


Through a Nightmare, DarklyEdit

Henantier becomes trapped in his own dreams when experimenting with a Dreamworld Amulet. Since the amulet creates an etheric twin of the wearer, he used it to travel into a training ground within his subconscious to test his own skills and spell-casting abilities. He became trapped by the apparitions therein, at some point after its inception.

In order to rescue him from his dreams, approach Kud-Ei and ask her about Henantier. Concerned her lover will be expelled from the guild, She reveals the events surrounding his torpor and uncovers the resting place of his sleeping body. Giving the Dreamworld Amulet, his dreams can be entered and he may be rescued by solving the puzzles within.


  • He is carrying a staff. It is a 80pts fire damage for 1 sec. It can be stolen when he is asleep, or just simply kill him for it.


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