"...even an elf can be born with the heart of a Nord sometimes."
Swyk the Long-Sighted[src]

Henantier the Outsider was the first Elven Harbinger of the Companions.[1]


Near the end of the First Era, Henantier arrived at Jorrvaskr to join up with the legendary Companions. At the time, there was much racial prejudice among the Companions and elves were not permitted to be full Companions, and few were even allowed to see the inside of the hall.

Like Cirroc before him, he was initially subject to ridicule upon his arrival, but this did not deter him. Henantier was humble in the daylight hours, performing any task asked of him. At night, he trained fiercely in the outside yard, allowing himself only minutes of sleep before resuming his servant duties the next day.

Henantier outlived several Harbingers but never complained about his lowly position within the guild. Given his long life, he came to be trusted by the new Companions as the one who could teach the ways of honor.[1]


When one pupil had aged into an old man and become Harbinger himself, Henantier was the one at his deathbed. With all Companions assembled, he named Henantier as his successor, saying, "even an elf can be born with the heart of a Nord sometimes." This decision caused much controversy within the ranks of the Companions and several members even left the guild in protest,[1] though many stayed, honoring the Harbinger's decision.[1]

Henantier's promotion to Harbinger established the long-standing tradition of racial tolerance within the Companions that has endured ever since.