Her Hand's Armor is a heavy armor set found in Mournhold, in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.


It aesthetically resembles the Indoril Armor, which is a medium armor worn by Ordinators in Vvardenfell. It is very heavy. A variant of this set, that has the same name, and an almost identical appearance is worn by the Hands of Almalexia, the personal guards of Almalexia, they can be found in Mournhold's Temple. Unlike the conventional Her Hand's Armor worn by the High Ordinators, the variant bears powerful enchantments.

As with the Indoril armor, wearing this armor's cuirass or the helmet while engaging in a conversation with a High Ordinator will cause them to become hostile.



Name ID WeightIcon GoldIcon Health-icon ArmorIcon Ench.Value
Her Hand's Cuirass Indoril_MH_Guard_Cuirass 90 50,000 2,800 70 550
Her Hand's Helmet Indoril_MH_Guard_helmet 15 12,000 700 75 650
Her Hand's Left Pauldron Indoril_MH_Guard_Pauldron_L 30 20,000 700 70 50
Her Hand's Right Pauldron Indoril_MH_Guard_Pauldron_R 30 20,000 700 70 50
Her Hand's Left Gauntlet Indoril_MH_Guard_gauntlet_L 15 13,000 300 70 500
Her Hand's Right Gauntlet Indoril_MH_Guard_gauntlet_R 15 13,000 300 70 500
Her Hand's Greaves Indoril_MH_Guard_Greaves 45 33,000 700 70 60
Her Hand's Boots Indoril_MH_Guard_boots 60 15,000 700 70 200
Her Hand's Shield Indoril_MH_Guard_shield 17 2,500 350 55 500

Enchanted variantEdit

This variant is worn exclusively by current and former Hands of Almalexia. Each piece is enchanted with a constant effect enchantment which helps to increase the effectiveness of the wearer. Aside from these enchantments, this set of armor is identical to the non-magical version used by the High Ordinators.

Name Enchantment ref ID
Her Hand's Cuirass Constant Effect: Fortify Heavy Armor 10 pts on self Indoril_Almalexia_Cuirass
Her Hand's Helmet Constant Effect: Reflect 5 pts on self Indoril_Almalexia_helmet
Her Hand's Left Pauldron Constant Effect: Resist Poison 5 pts on self Indoril_Almalexia_Pauldron_L
Her Hand's Right Pauldron Constant Effect: Resist Paralysis 5 pts on self Indoril_Almalexia_Pauldron_R
Her Hand's Left Gauntlet Constant Effect: Fortify Strength 5 pts on self Indoril_Almalexia_gauntlet_L
Her Hand's Right Gauntlet Constant Effect: Fortify Attack 5 pts on self Indoril_Almalexia_gauntlet_R
Her Hand's Greaves Constant Effect: Fortify Medium Armor 5 pts on self Indoril_Almalexia_Greaves
Her Hand's Boots Constant Effect: Fortify Agility 5 pts on self Indoril_Almalexia_boots
Her Hand's Shield Constant Effect: Fortify Block 10 pts on self Indoril_Almalexia_shield


  • The whole armor weights 317, it is the second heaviest armor in the game after the Daedric Armor.