"I don't expect we'll learn much. While I have the utmost respect for her Ladyship, she is well known for being... overly cautious."

Herdir quote

Herdir is an Imperial warrior residing in the Shivering Isles. He works as the torturer for Lady Syl of Dementia. He spends nearly all of his time in the torturer chambers behind Syl's courtroom.


During Syl's related quest, Herdir will follow as an assistant. He will use his talents of inflicting pain to extract information from anybody who refuses to be open about what they know about the planned assassination of Syl.

When commanded, Herdir will shock the victim, and will continue repeat this until told to stop. Once the assassins are stopped, he will return to his chambers to resume his job.


"We need to search through Crucible, looking for these traitors. Talk to whomever might have information. If they're reluctant to help, you just say the word and I'll do my best to persuade them."

The Lady of ParanoiaEdit

The Hero has been tasked with finding the people conspiring against Lady Syl. They need to find and speak to Herdir. He can always be found at the torture chamber in the House of Dementia.


  • Herdir was meant to play a larger role in his related quest. He was supposed to be-able to take and "interrogate" the citizens of Dementia in his torture chambers.


  • If the player fast travels out of New Sheoth while Herdir is following them, Herdir will disappear from the game.