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Heretics are hostile characters encountered in Mania. They are the northern counterparts to the Zealots found in Dementia.


The Heretics believe that Sheogorath is just a mortal man pretending to be a Daedric Prince. They summon Hungers and have a wide range of Destruction spells. They will also use Dispel to remove any magic-based protection the hero may be maintaining.

Like Zealots, Heretics have special robes and if one wears both the robes and the hood the Heretics won't attack unless the Hero gets too close. Heretic bosses always know that the Hero is an imposter.

Upon speaking to a Heretic Warlord (if disposition has been increased high enough), a dialogue box with the phrase, "I HAVE NO GREETING" appears along with a tan box in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


  • Heretic Novitiate – Level 1-5
  • Heretic Soldier – Level 6-10
  • Heretic Crusader – Level 11-15
  • Heretic Warpriest – Level 16-19
  • Transformed Heretic – Level 20 and up

The book Heretical Thoughts briefly describes the Heretics' beliefs and rituals.


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