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Hermaeus Mora's Shrine

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Hermaeus Mora's Shrine
Hermaeus Mora's Shrine
Hermaeus Mora
High in northwestern Jerall Mountains, west of Cloud Ruler Temple
Offering: Completion of all 14 other Daedric quests.
Completion/Start of Blood of the Daedra
Req. Level: 21
Skyrim oghma infinium
Oghma Infinium

Hermaeus Mora's Shrine is a Daedric Shrine located high in the Jerall Mountains, at the northern edge of the province, north of Sancre Tor. The shrine is most easily accessed through the mountain trail from Chorrol to Bruma. When near the shrine a number of stone staircases will appear, similar to the ones in Bruma.


The Shrine of Hermaeus Mora is located in the northwest most point of the Jerall Mountain range, directly west of Cloud Ruler Temple. In order to obtain this quest, the Hero must have completed all of the fourteen other Daedric quests.

In addition, they also must have advanced to the Blood of the Daedra segment of the main quest and be level 20 or higher. The quest involves capturing souls from each of the ten races using a special soul gem and spell given by Hermaeus Mora. A good idea is to keep Umbra instead of returning it and carry a lot of soul gems.


The shrine is attended by

Plant lifeEdit

Four wormwood plants are located at or near the shrine. No other plants are present. Unlike most Daedra who are represented as a person, or a beast, Hermaeus Mora appears as a globular crab/plant creature. This may be Hermaeus Mora's true form or one he chose for some unknown reason to signify logic. It's possible that his claws and tentacles are those of crabs and octopi, and this imagery is metaphorical to the murky darkness cloaking knowledge and fate, as are Mora's spheres.

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