"Well now. What have we here? A lost little lamb?"

For other uses, see Herne.

Hern is a vampire living at the Half-Moon Mill with Hert, his vampire wife.


He is the target for the Dark Brotherhood quest Contract: Kill Hern. Hern does not appear until the assassination contract against him is active. Otherwise, Half-Moon Mill will be occupied solely by Hert. There is also a chance that Hern will feed the Ebony Blade as a sacrifice to make it stronger, if he is killed with it.

Battle behaviorEdit

Hern and Hert do not use Vampiric Drain, when attacking. This makes it less likely to contract Sanguinaire Vampiris from fighting them. Because Hern is a vampire, destruction spells and enchanted weapons dealing Fire Damage are especially effective.



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  •  360   During the Rescue Mission to rescue him from Lost Echo Cave, Hern will not appear. Instead, the quest arrow will hover over the ground between a dead bandit and a dead Imperial. Loading previous saves does not fix this. There is no known fix.