TES Legends Heroes of Skyrim

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Heroes of Skyrim is the first expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends which arrived on June 29th, 2017. It includes more than 150 new cards based on the lore from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.[1] The expansion introduced new mechanics, abilities, and more to the game, with cards featuring dragons, Shouts, Companions, and fan-favorite characters.

Dragons bring new abilities appearing across all attributes. Many cards reward players for using them in conjunction with Dragons, adding a variety of combinations.

Shouts allow players to master the language of dragons. In Heroes of Skyrim, Shouts power up, resulting in changing abilities each time players use them (up to three levels).


Name Type
A Land Divided Action
A Night to Remember Action
Aela the Huntress Nord
Aela's Huntmate Nord
Alduin Dragon
Ancano High Elf
Ancestor's Battleaxe Item
Ancient Lookout Skeleton
Angry Villager Nord
Arcane Enchanter Support
Archer's Gambit Action
Arrest Action
Assassin's Ritual Action
Bandit Ringleader Khajiit
Barbas Beast
Barter Action
Battlefield Scrounger Redguard
Battlemage's Onslaught Action
Berserker of the Pale Nord
Blackreach Rebuilder Dwemer
Blades Lookout Nord
Bringer of Nightmares Daedra
Brynjolf Nord
Call of Valor Action
Candlehearth Brawler Nord
Caravan Enforcer Khajiit
Cauldron Keeper Imperial
Cave Bear Beast
Chaurus Chaurus
Circle Initiate Nord
Cleric of Kyne Nord
Cliffside Lookout Nord
College of Winterhold Support
Companion Harbinger Nord
Conjuration Scholar Redguard
Conjuration Tutor Breton
Corrupted Shade Spirit
Counterfeit Trinket Action
Court Wizard Breton
Crusader's Assault Action
Dark Rebirth Action
Deepwood Trapper Dark Elf
Devour Action
Dova of the Voice Dragon
Dragon Cult Ghost Spirit
Dragon Mound Support
Dragon Priest Mask Item
Dragon's Fury Action
Dragonplate Armor Item
Drain Vitality Action
Draugr Sentry Skeleton
Duel Atop the World Action
Dwarven Dynamo Dwemer
East Empire Crafter Imperial
Echo of Akatosh Dragon
Eldergleam Matron Spriggan
Elixir of Vitality Support
Embassy Disguise Item
Embassy Guard High Elf
Emperor Titus Mede II Imperial
Encumbered Explorer Imperial
Experimental Scroll Action
Fire Breath Action
Forsworn Looter Reachman
Frost Giant Giant
Frost Troll Troll
Ghost Sea Lookout Nord
Glass Helm of Remedy Item
Gloomlurker Falmer
Grandmaster Delphine Breton
Greybeard Mentor Nord
Grim Shield-Brother Nord
Grisly Gourmet Nord
High Hrothgar Support
Hit and Run Action
Horned Helm Item
Hulking Draugr Skeleton
Icewing Dragon Dragon
Imperial Camp Support
Innkeeper Delphine Breton
Insightful Scholar High Elf
Inspiring Stormcloak Nord
Ironscale Dragon Dragon
J'zargo Khajiit
Jarl Balgruuf Nord
Journey to Sovngarde Action
Karthspire Scourge Dragon
Lay Down Arms Action
Legate Rikke Imperial
Lockpick Action
Lute Item
Lydia Nord
Mage's Trick Action
Master Swordsmith Redguard
Mentor of the Watch Imperial
Midnight Snack Nord
Mistveil Enchanter Breton
Monk's Strike Action
Move in Shadows Action
Mudcrab Anklesnapper Mudcrab
Mystic Dragon Dragon
Nightprowler Falmer
Paarthurnax Dragon
Palace Prowler Khajiit
Paralyze Action
Praetorian Commander Imperial
Priest of the Eight Imperial
Prized Chicken Beast
Raging Horker Beast
Rallying Stormcloak Nord
Restoration Tutor Imperial
Revealing the Unseen Action
Revered Guardian Dragon
Riften Pickpocket Dark Elf
Ring of Namira Support
Scout's Report Action
Serpentine Stalker Dragon
Shadowgreen Elder Spriggan
Shadowmaster Falmer
Shadowscale Partisan Argonian
Shearpoint Dragon Dragon
Shield Breaker Item
Sightless Skulk Falmer
Skeletal Dragon Dragon
Skyborn Dragon Dragon
Skyforge Support
Snowhawk Detachment Imperial
Solitude Stalwart Imperial
Sorcerer's Negation Action
Soul Tear Action
Sovngarde Hero Nord
Spellsword's Summoning Action
Spine of Eldersblood Dragon
Steelheart Vanquisher Orc
Stonehill Mammoth Mammoth
Stormcloak Avenger Nord
Stormcloak Battalion Nord
Stormcloak Camp Support
Stormcloak Skirmisher Nord
Stormcloak Vanguard Nord
Stoutheart Giant Giant
Stricken Draugr Skeleton
Stronghold Patrol Orc
Studious Greybeard Nord
Sweet Roll Pastry
Swiftwing Dragon Dragon
Swims-at-Night Argonian
Thalmor Embassy Support
Thalmor Justiciar High Elf
Thalmor Soldier High Elf
Thief of Dreams Khajiit
Thieves Guild Fence Khajiit
Thieves Guild Shadowfoot Khajiit
Ulfric Stormcloak Nord
Ulfric's Zealot Nord
Uncaged Wolf Wolf
Underforge Support
Undying Dragon Dragon
Unrelenting Force Action
Vigilant of Stendarr Breton
Warrior's Fury Action
Waves of the Fallen Action
Whiterun Protector Nord
Wildfire Dragon Dragon
Winterhold Illusionist Dark Elf
Wolf Cage Support
Woodland Lookout Wood Elf
Word Wall Defense
World-Eater's Eyrie Support
Young Dragonborn Nord


Card packs can be purchased through the in-game store and can be added to any deck.

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