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"This far? We're livin' in a sewer. You said we'd have a house as big as the Black-Briars' by now."


Hewnon Black-Skeever is a Nord and a small-time bandit who, along with his accomplice Drahff, is encountered shortly after entering The Ratways beneath Riften.


Together they are overheard discussing their latest scheme, which Hewnon seems to feel is treading too close to the Thieves Guilds interests and seems to be annoyed that their plans have only succeeded in landing them squatting in a sewer rather than a manor. Drahff tells Hewnon to worry about bashing skulls in and to leave the Thieves Guild to him.


Hewnon "I dunno, Drahff. They'd skin us alive if they found out we were doing this."
Drahff "Why do you always have to act like such a big baby? I've gotten us this far."
Hewnon "'This far'? We're livin' in a sewer. You said we'd have a house as big as the Black-Briar's by now."
Drahff "You just worry about bashing people's heads in, I'll worry about the Guild, okay?"
Hewnon "Okay, okay."
Drahff "I'm going to go check the entrance. Be right back."


  • Hewnon and Drahff may be a reference to Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser:
  • Drahff = Fafhrd.
  • Black-Skeever = Gray Mouser.
  • Hewnon = Newhon (the world in which their adventures took place).