"I'm the leader of Hidden Armigers. If you've heard of us, we haven't been doing our jobs. The Armigers do the Pact's dirty work."
―Thrush to the Vestige regarding the Armigers' secretive nature[src]

The Hidden Armigers are the Ebonheart Pact's intelligence operatives, spies, and assassins.


Due to the nature of their work, very little is known about them. The only known operatives are their leader, a Dunmer named Thrush, and a Dunmer named Scatheraw. However, they often employ members of outside organizations such as the Morag Tong for missions.[1] They are the counterpart to the Daggerfall Covenant's Ring of Daggers and the Aldmeri Dominion's Eyes of the Queen.


During the Three Banners War, the Hidden Armigers used a Morag Tong operative named Naryu Virian to make contact with the Ring of Daggers and Eyes of the Queen to arrange the meeting of the three alliance leaders at Stirk, since Virian had had previous contact with operatives from these organizations.[2]




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