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King Hidellith Aldmeri was an Altmeri King of Alinor during the Second Era.[1] He was the father of Ayrenn and Naemon, whom he conceived with his wife, Kinlady Tuinden. Hidellith passed away in 2E 580, and was succeeded by his eldest child, Ayrenn.[2]


In 2E 486, Hidellith ordered much of the Alinori navy to follow a small Maormeri fleet that was spotted off the coast of Alinor. The navy followed the ship into uncharted waters, arriving into an ambush in Pyandonea itself. The navy was destroyed, save for one surviving warship, which provided reports on the landscape of Pyandonea.[1][3]

Hidellith and Kinlady Tuinden's had their first child, a daughter named Ayrenn, on the 5th of Second Seed in 2E 555. The date of birth and name were some of many decisions that the king based on the precedents laid down in the Scrolls of Praxis; a tradition known as Elven Ceremoniarchy. Hidellith and Tuinden had a son a few years later, named Naemon.[2] Ayrenn trained with her father in blades during her childhood.[4]

In Evening Star of 2E 573, Hidellith gathered with the royal family in the Crystal Tower to celebrate Ayrenn's matriculation into the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth for the requisite 3,555 days. However, Ayrenn went missing, and disappeared somewhere between the Palace and the Tower.[2][4]

Hidellith's son Naemon was then named heir to the throne. He matriculated into the labyrinth in 2E 575. When Hidellith passed away in 2E 580, Naemon was to speak the eighty-eight day Coronation Liturgy, until news arrived that Ayrenn was spotted in Velyn Harbor. She was then crowned Queen of Alinor on the 7th of Frostfall.[2] It was said she plucked the crown from where it had fallen in the dust, and took up her father's sword, leading the people of Alinor.[4]



King of Alinor
Unknown 2E ??? - 2E 580 Queen Ayrenn

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