Not to be confused with Hides-Her-Heart.
"Motierre! I know you're in there! My employers are most displeased. I'm coming in and you can beg for your life. Not that it will do any good! Ha ha!"

Hides-His-Heart quote

Hides-His-Heart is an Argonian enforcer who was hired to kill Francois Motierre for not paying some criminal underworld types a debt for the gold he borrowed from them.


The Assassinated ManEdit

He is featured in the Dark Brotherhood mission "The Assassinated Man." In the quest, the Hero of Kvatch must fake the death of Francois Motierre using the Languorwine Blade in front of Hides-His-Heart, flee from him, and finally revive Francois after 24 hours in the Chorrol chapel undercroft.

Killing Hides-His-Heart will lead to the Hero failing the mission.


  • "So, you are here to kill Motierre, eh? Well he's mine, and nothing will stand in my way!"