For the location named after him, see Torinaan.

High Lord Torinaan,[1] also known as Torinaan the Foresailor,[2] was an Aldmer who lived during the Dawn Era. He is credited with discovering the Summerset Isles and founding the city of Firsthold.[1][3]


Early lifeEdit

Torinaan was born an Aldmer on the continent of Aldmeris. When he grew older, he commandeered a fleet of ships towards lands which remained unknown.[3]

Discovery and settlement of AlinorEdit

Nine-Prow Landing

Nine-Prow Landing, the first location of the Summerset Isles discovered by Torinaan and the Aldmer.

Torinaan's ships arrived on a small cove located on the very northern tip of Auridon, the second largest isle of the present-day province of Summerset Isles/Alinor. He named it "Nine-Prow Landing" for the prows of his nine ships that made landfall within it.[3][4]

Torinaan then claimed the land, from its beaches to hills, as property of the Aldmer. He then named it "Auridon", unsheathed blade and drew some of his blood, and swore an oath to never depart. With his sailors, began to settle the newly found land. They built houses, gardens, and forges, and founded the city of Firsthold on the island's northern tip.[1][3] Torinaan was said to have kept a journal to document his discoveries, including the finding of the mysterious runestones spread upon the land.[2]

Settling the new land did not come without its risks and dangers, as creatures such as Welwa, Gheatus, and Ilyadi sought to destroy the Aldmer. Feeling threatened and unsafe, the settlers suggested finding another safer land to settle upon. Torinaan, however, stood bold and fearless, and used the Varla Stones to draw upon the power of the stars. With this power, Torinaan smited the creatures with the elements of fire, ice, and lightning. He then cast wards to protect the island from further attacks.[3]

Auridon bloomed under Torinaan's guidance, and many kinholds and settlements rose up in Summerset. Torinaan's achievements were looked up well upon by his kin.[3]


Torinaan is revered for his courage, wisdom, foresight, and role in protecting the Aldmer settlers.[3] The location of Torinaan was named in his honor,[5] and still stood thousands of years later in 2E 582.[6] Ancirinque, Sapiarch of Mythohistory, had also studied passages from his journal.[2] Records of Torinaan's founding of Firsthold were still present in 3E 389.[1]



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