"Do you know who I am? High Ordinator of the Order of War? Does that ring a bell? Sigh. Why we allow outlanders into Vivec City at all is beyond me."
―High Ordinator Vermethys[src]

High Ordinator Vermethys Indoril is a Dunmer soldier of House Indoril, serving as the leader of the Militant Ordinators, a military branch of the Tribunal Temple alternatively known as the "Order of War." She is found within the Hall of Justice in the Temple Canton of Vivec City. Vermethys is also the author of the books Crafting Motif 49: Militant Ordinator and A Guide to Liturgical Vestments.


  • "Outlanders! Who else but the ignorant savages from other lands would barge into my office and expect to be able to just speak to someone of my stature? Incredible. No offense intended, of course."
  • "If you don't have any business here, then move along. I almost called you scum, but I'm trying to change that habit."



Leader of the Ordinators
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