High Priest Uluscant was an Ayleid priest dedicated to the worship of Hermaeus Mora. He was known to have resided in Bisnensel during the early First Era, where he spread the worship of Mora to much of the city's citizens.[1][2]


In 1E 453, Uluscant founded the Primeval Seekers, a cult dedicated to the worship of Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora. He established the congregation in Bisnensel, an Ayleid city founded by King Laloriaran Dynar a number of years prior. The cult began to gain many of the city's learned and influential citizens as members, giving Uluscant a large amount of support in Bisnensel. The Seekers requested that Dynar give Uluscant more of a say in municipal affairs, to which the King denied, remarking that he would not share leadership with an order of scholars.[1][2]

Disappointed by Dynar's rebuff, the Seekers deposed Dynar as ruler of Bisnensel a few months afterwards. Dynar and his family fled to the Isle of Balfiera, and Uluscant became the new ruler of Bisnensel. It is unknown how long Uluscant ruled, or when the city fell to ruin.[1][2]



Leader of the Primeval Seekers
None 1E 453 - 1E ??? Herald Kixathi
Ruler of Bisnensel
Laloriaran Dynar 1E 460 - 1E ??? Unknown