High Priestess Solgra is a female Orsimer working at the Temple of Ire. She leads the city's worship of Trinimac.


Invitation to OrsiniumEdit

Report to High Priestess Solgra.

For King and GloryEdit

King Kurog is struggling with the rising Winterborn threat. The Vestige is tasked with taking the fortress of Frostbreak.

A King-Sized ProblemEdit

The city of Orsinium is dealing with a hostage situation in their Temple of Ire. The Vestige is asked to handle the invasion of Orsinium by Malacath Fanatics.

To Save a ChiefEdit

Solgra will send the Vestige on a mission to Fharun Stronghold to save an unknown clan chief, later revealed to be Chief Bazrag.

The Anger of a KingEdit

Speak to Solgra at The Greedy Gut.

Blood on a King's HandsEdit

The Vestige must save Solgra from the Vosh Rakh trying to kill her. After speaking to her, an assassin will kill her by firing an arrow at her.

Long Live the KingEdit

Attend Solgra, King Kurog, and Forge-Mother Alga's funeral.


Show: To Save a Chief

"Thank you for responding so quickly to my summons. Especially considering everything you've been doing to support the king. Did Eveli tell you that I have a ... delicate ... situation? I could really use your help again."

Eveli said something about a "secret" mission? "She can be rather exuberant, but I suppose the term is accurate. I debated with myself before deciding to ask the two of you for assistance. But in the end, there isn't anyone else I would trust with this matter."
Tell me what the problem is, High Priestess Solgra. "A shield-wife from one of the clans sent me an urgent plea for help. It appears that the clan's chief has been taken captive by a fanatical group of - how do I put this .... They're members of a religious sect devoted to Trinimac."
Trinimac? Isn't that who you worship here? "Yes, but it's not the same. The Vosh Rakh are Trinimac extremists who bend the sacred teachings to their own purposes. They have been gathering power and influence at an alarming rate. If they kill the captive chief in Trinimac's name ...."
You'll be branded as bad as the Vosh Rakh. "It will give the Orc traditionalists one more arrow to put in their quiver. And they won't use it only against us. King Kurog and the forge-mother have supported us. This will cripple their cause and turn everyone against Trinimac and his followers."
What do you need me to do? "Go to Fharun Stronghold and meet Eveli. Stop the Vosh Rakh and rescue the chief before it's too late. I just ask you for your discretion in this matter. If the king finds out, he'll send an army, which will only result in more death and destruction."
I'll go to Fharun Stronghold and meet Eveli. "Two things before you go. First, avoid bloodshed on your way into stronghold. The captives won't be immediately harmed if the Vosh Rakh feel secure. Second, I'm not sure which chief was taken. The message I received was purposefully vague."
Can you tell me anything more about the Vosh Rakh? "Not much. They're rather secretive, keep to themselves. They apparently wear masks wherever they gather. And I've heard rumors. They've been linked to trouble in the west. This sect is rather new, from what I've been given to understand."
How new is this group? "Well, they weren't here when I arrived in Orsinium. I wasn't aware of them, at any rate. Of course, we were dealing with the Winterborn at the time, so anything else was considered a lesser threat. Still, their increasing boldness worries me."
Why do you say the Vosh Rakh are extremists? "Our temple guides people to Trinimac and presents his teachings so they can decide for themselves. The Vosh Rakh, on the other hand, shove Trinimac's blade down their throats and tell them to swallow it or die. Such violence is not Trinimac's way."
Why would the Vosh Rakh take a chief hostage? "Who can say what these extremists have in mind? I'm not privy to their ultimate goal. I would speculate the eliminating a chief who reveres Malacath will send a distinct message about the Vosh Rakh. I suppose it depends on which chief they hold."
Why do you want me to avoid bloodshed? "As with the attack on the temple, we don't want to give the captors a reason to act in haste. The longer they remain unaware of your presence, the better chance you'll have to locate and free the chief. Besides, they could have other hostages."
Will they kill the chief if they notice me? "[?]"