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High Rock is a visitable province in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is one of two provinces that compose the Daggerfall Covenant. It contains the Covenant's capital, Wayrest, which also serves as the city in which the Fighters Guild has its base. Bretons view High Rock as their home province, but under the leadership of King Emeric they have agreed to let the Orsimer claim part of the province.[1]


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Dark Anchors Edit

  • Daenia Dolmon
  • Cambray Hills Dolmon
  • King's Guard Dolmon
  • Alcaire Dolmon
  • Menevia Dolmon
  • Gavaudon Dolmon
  • Westmark Moor Dolmoin
  • Eyebright Feld Dolmon
  • Borialis Dolmon
  • Mournoth Dolmon
  • Fallen Wastes Dolmon
  • Ephesus Dolmon

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