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"The abandoned mine on the coast at Hightide Hollow has been used on and off for centuries as a smugglers' den. Now someone seems to have chased the smugglers out. Who are the new residents?"
Hightide Hollow Loading Screen[src]

Hightide Hollow is a delve in the region of Stonefalls, Morrowind. It can be found west of Ebonheart. House Dres plans to exploit the goblins here for slave labor.[1] However, other factions have different planes for the mine.

Notable itemsEdit


The Truth about SpidersEdit

Figure out what is controlling the spiders in Hightide Hollow.




Explore Pact (Achievements icon)
Hightide Hollow Explorer
Explore and clear Hightide Hollow.
Points 10 Gamer points
Trophy N/A



  1. Dialogue with Aldryn Dres

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