"By Shor, what do you want?"


Hilde is an elderly Nord who lives in Riverwood. She is the mother of Sven, Riverwood's local bard.


When the Dragonborn enters Riverwood for the first time, she will be panicking, claiming that she saw a dragon. Sven attempts to calm her down, but he is unsuccessful.


I saw a dragon!Edit

Hilde "A dragon! I saw a dragon!"
Sven "What? What is it now, mother?"
Hilde "It was as big as the mountain and as black as night. It flew right over the Barrow!"
Sven "Dragons, now, is it? You keep on like this and everyone in town will think you're crazy. And I've got better things to do than listen to your fantasies."
Hilde "You'll see! It was a dragon! It'll kill us all and then you'll believe me!"


  • Taking things out of the barrel in front of her house while she is watching will prompt her to say, "Look at him/her, rummaging through refuse. Wonder what he/she's lost, other than his/her mind."
  • If the Dragonborn is caught stealing from her house, helps Faendal gain Camilla Valerius's favor, or kills Sven, she may send a group of hired thugs after them.
  • Like many Nords, it is revealed through talking to her that she has racist thoughts towards Argonians, Elves, and Khajiit.
  • If Sven is a follower and the Dragonborn starts killing citizens, he will refuse to attack Hilde.
  • Attacking Hilde and returning to speak with her afterwards when she is not hostile may prompt her to ask, "You wouldn't attack an old woman again, would you?"
  • Hilde may give the Dragonborn three GoldIcon when she stands by the fence and says that the Dragonborn was always a sight for sore eyes.[citation needed]


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