Hildegard is a Nord werewolf and assassin residing in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.


Hildegard was born into a village of Nord werewolves in the wilds of Skyrim. She had trouble controlling herself when in her werewolf form, and one day she attacked a member of the village, after which she fled to avoid hurting anyone else.

Kor found her wandering the wilds of Skyrim, and his knowledge of beasts as a hunter allowed him to eventually befriend her when she was in her werewolf form (though she still attacked him at first, leading to the scar on Kor's face). After a time, Hildegard joined the Dark Brotherhood at the Gold Coast Sanctuary.


Welcome HomeEdit

Questions of FaithEdit

Filling the VoidEdit


Show: Welcome Home

"Oh, hello. Sorry about not greeting you earlier. I … wasn't exactly in a talkative mood when you arrived."

You seem nervous. Is everything all right? "I suppose. It's just, well, my condition. The lycanthropy. My transformations. I can't trigger them at will and they don't follow any pattern we've been able to discern. Venom called it a "divergent strain." I'm not sure what that means."
So you could turn into a beast at any moment? "I guess so. Usually I can feel it coming, kind of like when Kor feels a storm in his big toe. As long as I can get out of the Sanctuary or into my cage before I lose control, I won't hurt anybody. At least, not any of the family."
Ever thought about seeking a cure? "I don't think I want to be cured. The wolf is a part of me. It's who I am. I would like to learn to control it, though. Kor and Mirabelle think I'll get the hang of it eventually. Venom even keeps meticulous records every time I change."
You don't seem like a typical assassin. "Neither do you, come to think of it. Is it bad to be … different? I may not have the training or experience of some of the others, but Astara says I'm the best tracker in the family. Whenever a target tries to hide, I always find them."
And you don't have a problem with killing? "The wolf kills. That is its purpose. Astara taught me that I become a wolf in order to accomplish what the Night Mother requests of her children. My prey already belongs to Sithis. The wolf just helps them find the Void."
By ripping them apart? "I don't remember much of what the wolf does. Kor assures me that I'm never cruel when I send souls to Father. I trust my Brother. And I trust Astara. They saved me. Gave me something to believe in. For that, I'm happy to serve the Dark Brotherhood."


Show: A Lesson in Silence

Hildegard: "The Grand Sermonizer is at it again, Matron."
Kor: "Those loud-mouthed fanatics! It's time to teach them a lesson about the blessings of silence!"
Astara Caerellius: "Enough! I'll decide how we respond to these malign sermons."
Astara Caerellius: "Initiate, I have a task for you."

After accepting the contract:

Kor: "Initiate, I have my own contract in Kvatch. I'll join you and Tanek as soon as I'm finished."
Hildegard: "Three blades on the same contract? Is that wise, Matron?"
Astara Caerellius: "Just make sure the Grand Sermonizer dies, Initiate. That's my chief concern."