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Hired Muscle

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Hired Muscle
Quest Giver Farkas
Location Radiant location
Prerequisite Take Up Arms
Reward 100 gold
Type Companions, Radiant quest
Quest ID CR04
Hired Muscle is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Farkas asks the Dragonborn to intimidate a random NPC in Skyrim. It is the Dragonborn's duty to track down the person of interest and "rough them up" by initiating a bare-knuckle fight with them until they yield. Returning to Farkas completes the quest. Killing the target while on the job will result in failure.

List of NPCs to intimidateEdit


Journal Entry

<radiant NPC> has been causing trouble for someone around <radiant city>. I need to rough <radiant gender> up to remind <radiant gender> of <radiant gender> obligations.

  • Objective: Intimidate <radiant NPC>

<radiant NPC> won't be causing as much trouble for <radiant city>.

  • Objective: Return to Farkas
  • Quest complete


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