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"He was in a half-submerged, rotten little village called Hixinoag, where he knew no one."
Waughin Jarth[src]

Hixinoag was an Argonian town in the province of Black Marsh.[1] It was located north of the town of Slough Point, which served as a border crossing between Cyrodiil and Black Marsh, and was connected to Slough Point by the Commerce Road.[1] It was a small collection of huts that were built in the mud of the swamps[1] and possessed a site where the Underground Express could be accessed and taken to Gideon.[2]

The villagers mainly subsisted on trodh, tiny fish that could be found in the swamps around Hixinoag.[2] Due to it being built in the mud, Hixinoag tended to drift and change position like many other towns in Black Marsh.[2]


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