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Hjerim House
Hjerim House MapLocation
Location North west portion of Windhelm
Initial Cost 8,000 - 12,000GoldIcon
Upgrade Cost 9,000GoldIcon
Total Cost 21,000GoldIcon
Housecarl Calder
Acquisition Complete Blood on the Ice and Rescue from Fort Neugrad or capture Windhelm for the Empire
Hjerim is a purchasable home in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It is located in the Valunstrad quarter of Windhelm. The house has two floors, several spacious rooms and a hidden chamber. Hjerim also has a large armory with a number of mannequins, display cases, shelves, and weapon racks. It originally belonged to Friga Shatter-Shield, until she was tragically murdered by the Butcher.[1]

The secret chamber, hidden behind a ground-floor wardrobe to the rear of the first floor, is where the Butcher kept the severed body parts of his victims with which he intended to reanimate his dead sister. Purchasing the cleanup package will clear its bloodstained furnishings, enabling the purchase of the needed upgrades to transform it into an combined Alchemy and Enchanting workshop.


The house is available for 8,000 -12,000 GoldIcon. Purchasing all upgrades costs an additional 9,000 GoldIcon. Completing Rescue from Fort Neugrad or the full Civil War questline is necessary to purchase this house. Upon becoming a Thane of Eastmarch, a housecarl, Calder, will be assigned by the Jarl to look after Hjerim and serve the new Thane.

A part of the quest Blood on the Ice takes place here, but the purchase of the property is available before or during the quest, giving the Dragonborn the key to the house which allows entry to the house without having to pick the master lock on the front door. (The key can also be obtained during or after Blood on the Ice by pickpocketing it from/talking to Tova Shatter-Shield.)  The quest is automatically gained when entering the house for the first time, if not previously started. Talking to the Jarl's Steward, Jorleif, enables the purchase of decorations for Hjerim; however, the quest Blood on the Ice must be completed before buying decorations and the cleanup package from Jorleif, or else glitches ensue.

Advantages and disadvantagesEdit


  • Hjerim contains both an arcane enchanter and an alchemy lab.
  • It is in close proximity to smithing facilities, a smelter, an alchemist's shop, a general merchant and the Windhelm fence, all of which are closely grouped.
  • Adding a children's room does not mean sacrificing the alchemy and enchanting facilities.
  • Niranye, the Windhelm fence, is located outside in a market stall, whereas many other fences require at least one additional transition to reach or are hard to track down. 
  • Hjerim has the biggest armory of all the houses (disregarding add-on content), with three mannequins and many weapon racks, as well as plaques for both shields and weapons.
  • There is a thief cache barrel to the left as the Dragonborn exits the house after completing the necessary quest for Delvin Mallory after joining the Thieves Guild.


  • The secret room has poor storage.
    • This can be fixed by bringing a follower or Thrall into the room and killing them, making an excellent, if somewhat macabre, makeshift treasure chest.
  • Its cost is high, including decorations.
  • It's amongst the hardest houses to obtain, due to many quests being needed to be completed to obtain it.
  • In order to have the blood from the Butcher's murders removed, a fee of 500 GoldIcon must be paid, similarly to the other improvements. In addition, it also removes all of the contents of the secret room.
  • The entire house is plagued with poor lighting.


Name Description GoldIcon
Armory The armory takes up most of the house's second floor and is very useful for storing weaponry. This includes four weapon plaques, a shield plaque, three sword display cases, two dagger display cases, three mannequins, five weapon racks, and two bookshelves. The armory is also lined with various mounted animal heads for decoration. 2,000
Enchanting laboratory This package installs an arcane enchanter after the clean up upgrade has been purchased from the steward. Two bookshelves, three weapon plaques and a variety of soul gems are added to it when bought. 1,500
Alchemy Laboratory Although there is very little storage, this small room offers a large shelf stocked with multiple useful ingredients. 1,500
Living room Hjerim's living room is a very large open room with a long central dining table, small table, and chair, multiple small and large sacks, two bookshelves, a barrel, two wardrobes and a variety of food, ingredients, and miscellaneous items. 1,500
Bedroom The master bedroom has a large bed, two end tables, a wardrobe, a shield plaque, two dagger display cases, four bookshelves, two small dining tables and multiple shelves, three small sacks, a chest, and various food and other items. 1,000
Kitchen The kitchen is probably the coziest room in the house, as it is the only room in the house with the comfort of a firepit and cooking pot.
Clean up the murderer's mess A clean up can be purchased after the quest "Blood on the Ice." This upgrade removes the stone altar, bloodstains, mutilated body parts, bones, and the messy storage chest. It is recommended that this upgrade be purchased first to avoid bugs. 500
Children's Room Converts the area outside the secret chamber, into a children's room with two beds, a chair, a small wardrobe with a double shelf on top, an end table and a children's practice dummy. (Any items in the tall wardrobe previously there will be in the new, smaller one.) 1,250

Item displaysEdit

  • Eight Weapon Wall Plaques
  • Two Weapon & Shield Wall Plaques
  • Three Sword Display Cases
  • Five Weapon Rack
  • Three Mannequins
  • Four Dagger Display Cases
  • Twelve Bookshelves (holding a total of 132 books)

See Windhelm Home Decorating Guide for detailed descriptions.

Housecarl roomEdit

Although the Windhelm Home Decorating Guide lists a guest room, it's actually the housecarl room. It is automatically installed when Calder, the Housecarl, moves in. This room, alongside the Vlindrel Hall housecarl room, are the most luxurious available in Skyrim.



  • Although this house can be purchased during Blood on the Ice, the key to it can be found by pickpocketing or asking Tova Shatter-Shield. The master lock can be picked as well.
  • There are a few high value potions in the chamber and a few soul gems that can be sold to cover some of the expense of buying the home and furnishings.
  • The table in the small room appears to have Shadowmarks on it that mean "empty" and "danger."
  • When purchased, the alchemy labs comes with valuable ingredients, such as void salts, fire salts and frost salts.
  • Guards say during Blood on the Ice, "Friga Shatter-Shield's old place? It's been abandoned ever since she was killed. I think her mother, Tova, has the key.", but if Tova is deceased they will say, "Her mother would have had the key, but she... that family is cursed, I tell you."


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  1. Dialogue with Windhelm Guards

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