"Who are you? Why do you invade our place of worship? Surely, you don't think yourself worthy to visit Namira's shrine."
―Hjolfrodi the Harrier[src]

Hjolfrodi the Harrier quote

Hjolfrodi the Harrier is a Nord Warrior who can be found worshiping at the Shrine of Namira.



The Hero has learned from the followers of Namira that they will only summon the Daedric Prince for someone repulsive. If they are to get their help, they will need to make themselves less attractive to others.

Namira wants the Hero to help out a flock of her followers, who are holding up in a nearby Ayleid ruin―it seems that they like the utter darkness that they have found there.


  • Hjolfrodi has information about the Forgotten Ones in Anga, but the dialogue is not used in-game, such as: "Blessed are the Forgotten Ones, Chosen of Namira. In squalor they thrive, wallowing in filth, low and repulsive, darlings of Namira."