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Race Nord
Gender Male
Level 4
Class Lumberjack
Rank Citizen
Services Buys Firewood
Essential No
Ref ID 000198AA
Base ID 00013287
"Honest gold for honest work."

Hjorunn is a Nord lumberjack living at Solitude Sawmill. He has a blind left eye that might have been caused by an accident at the mill.


He is the owner of Solitude Sawmill and lives in a house next to it. Chopped firewood can be sold to Hjorunn for 5GoldIcon a piece.


"Honest gold for honest work"

Daily routineEdit

Hjorunn will usually follow a daily routine, which could be viewed as fairly dull to some. This is as follows:
12AM - 6AM: Asleep in the sawmill.
6AM - 7AM: Cooking in the sawmill.
7AM - 8AM: Asleep in the sawmill.
8AM - 12PM: Observing sawmill operations.
12PM - 1PM: Cooking in the sawmill.
1PM - 6PM: Observing sawmill operations.
6PM - 7PM: Cooking in the sawmill.
7PM - 12AM: Observing sawmill operations.


  • Hjorunn has two keys on his person, which may be pickpocketed. One is a Solitude Sawmill key, the other is a key to Hjorunn's Room. Hjorunn's Room key seemingly has no use, as there is no door which can be unlocked by the key in the vicinity of the sawmill.


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