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"The Nord? The big, mean one? A Hlaalu retainer, I think. Isn't he the one who was living rough down in the West Sewers?"
Mournhold citizen[src]

Hloggar the Bloody is a Nord barbarian and member of House Hlaalu in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. He can be found in the West Sewers of Old Mournhold which run beneath the Godsreach district of Mournhold.


Hloggar the Bloody is an able and enthusiastic fighter, but not very subtle at that.[1] He is self-confident at always ready to engage in a brawl, even as it is about his execution. He is loyal to the deceased King, Athyn Llethan.


Evidence of ConspiracyEdit

Through the handwritten letter found in Llethan Manor, it is discovered that Hloggar is one of the people involved in a plot to kill King Hlaalu Helseth. When he sees this letter, Tienius Delitian, the Captain of the Royal Guard, sends the Nerevarine to execute him . After speaking to a High Ordinator in the Godsreach district, the Nerevarine learns that Hloggar is somewhere in the West Sewers.

Instead of executing him, the Nerevarine may warn Hloggar and give him the opportunity to flee. However, Hloggar the Bloody does not understand at first, why they do not want to fight, and seems even disappointed.


Hloggar the Bloody has ensconced himself in a corner of the West Sewers. Beside a bedroll some alcoholic beverages and potions, food and a vast collection of weapons can be found.



evidence of conspiracy "Yeah? Well, what are you going to do about it?"

"Denounce Hloggar the Bloody, and execute him." "That suits me fine. For Athyn! Let all the world be bathed in your dog's-water blood!"
"Warn Hloggar the Bloody, and let him escape." "I don't get it. Don't you want to fight? Oh! Wait! I see. You are a GOOD guy! Sure. I understand. So now I got to get lost. Fast, right? Okay. Time to use that old Recall amulet. So long, pal... and thanks."



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