Hloval Dreth's Ghost was a Dunmer healer who resided in the Shivering Isles, in the now ruined city of Vitharn, and carries a unique weapon known as the Dagger of Depletion.


Hloval has stunted magicka, but has no such problem with his ego. He believes that he should be in charge and puts people that he believes are in his way or are disrespectful on a "list." Before the siege on Vitharn, the Fanatics confronted Hloval and told him to either hand over the city to them, or convert all those inside. Hloval refused because they wouldn't make him leader.

During the siege, Hloval was unable to help due to his stunted magicka and was killed along with the rest of the residents.


Ghosts of VitharnEdit

Years ago, the fortress of Vitharn was attacked and overrun by invading fanatics. Upon his death, Count Cirion was visited by Sheogorath who cursed him and the rest of the fort's inhabitants for their cowardice and miserably poor defense. Lord Sheogorath forced them to relive their last moments forever.


  • If Hloval Dreth is given the dagger, a unique ring called Ghostly Immobility is placed in the Hero's inventory. The ring adds 1,000 pounds of weight and is removed if they are struck by the dagger.
  • On his headstone in the ruined graveyard the epitaph reads: "Power mad to the end. Hloval Dreth met his end in shame."