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Hob's Fall Cave

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Cave  Hob's Fall Cave
TESV Hob's Fall Cave
HobsFallCave Map
Hold Winterhold
Type Cave
Sublocations None
Quests Find Pantea's Flute
No Stone Unturned
Drowned Sorrows
Characters Isabelle Rolaine
Enemies Necromancer, Skeletons
Location ID HobsFallCave01

Hob's Fall Cave is a cave located on the coast between Winterhold and Dawnstar. There is a lighthouse, Frostflow Lighthouse, to the south of the cave. Hob's Fall Cave is inhabited by Necromancers

Notable itemsEdit



  • The quest to find Isabelle Rolaine may be linked to some unspecified character attribute of the Dragonborn, as it is not always available, nor is her body and letter always in the cave.
  • Upon coming to an open chamber with a fortified landing up above the entering floor level, a female voice can be heard begging for help, asking that she not be left there. This is Larina, locked in a cage with two male corpses, a Dunmer and a Redguard. She is destined to be a sacrificial victim to a master necromancer while the Dragonborn ventures through the various passages of the cave. She can be rescued by climbing the face of the ledge, then opening the cage, thus going through the cave "backwards." The paraphernalia set out on the altar includes a black soul gem. She will not flee, will scold her rescuer if a weapon is out, and will try to return to the cage if she's pushed out. Upon clearing the cave of all necromancers, exiting, and re-entering the cave will re-spawn a few necromancers who will carry out the sacrifice.
  • When approaching the room with Larina on the altar, if sneaking and close enough, they can be heard chanting and praying to make a black soul gem. Their intentions are to revive The Order of the Black Worm. They are necromancers, so they may have been praying to Mannimarco, the Kings of Worms.


This section contains bugs related to Hob's Fall Cave. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • Finding and carrying Pantea's Flute before obtaining the quest may make it impossible to get the quest, leaving an undroppable flute in the inventory.
  • The spell Clairvoyance isn't useful here, as it may direct the Dragonborn to go through impenetrable walls.


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