"I've been hunting beasts in the wilds of Skyrim all my life. Deathclaw ravaged a couple of herds near Kynesgrove. I took on a contract to end him. I always fulfill my contracts"

Hoknir is a Nord hunter residing on Bleakrock Isle. He can be found near Deathclaw's Lair. He was seriously injured in a recent battle with Deathclaw and was forced to use parts of his leather to make a tourniquet.


The Missing of BleakrockEdit

Find the missing villagers to help them escape. Not all of the villagers need to be found to complete this quest; however, they will disappear forever if they are not saved.

Tracking the GameEdit

The Vestige encountered a wounded hunter in the wilds near Bleakrock Village. Hoknir is seriously wounded. He wants some help killing his prey. They should be able to find the lair of Deathclaw by following the trail of things he dropped. Once I do, the beast might come out for some food.


  • Depending on quest choices made, he can later be found at Kragenmoor, contemplating signing with the Fighters Guild