"Now we can rest in peace once again. Come Fjori, my love..."
―Holgeir to the Last Dragonborn[src]

Holgeir was a warlord in the forests of Skyrim before the dragons returned.


He met Fjori, a huntress, when she was 29 years old. The two battled, falling in love when Fjori broke his axe with her sword, and he dulled her sword with his shield. Shortly after, Holgeir was bitten by a venomous snake.

Fjori obtained an elixir from the Akaviri and saved Holgeir's life. Her love fully-restored, she too was bitten by the same snake after the elixir was used up, falling dead. Holgeir built a tomb for her, killing himself after its completion.[1]



Fjori: "Thank you (Referring to the Dragonborn.) for releasing us from her spell."
Holgeir: "Now we can rest in peace once again. Come Fjori, my love..."
Fjori: "Take this (Referring to the Ghostblade.) with our gratitude."


Draugr Holgeir

Draugr Holgeir raised by Lu'ah Al-Skaven.

Holgeir appears as a Draugr, summoned by Lu'ah Al-Skaven, a Redguard necromancer in Ansilvund. She intended for Holgeir's body to serve as the vessel for her deceased husband, Saeel.[2]

  • If the player is a high enough level (60+), Holgeir will appear as a Dragon Priest but Fjori will not, even if the character is level 60 or higher.

He wields a Two-Handed Battleaxe, as he did in life. After Lu'ah is defeated, Holgeir appears alongside Fjori as a ghost, and awards the Ghostblade to the Dragonborn for freeing them.