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"Every choice you make in Coldharbour will have an effect on the Hollow City"
The Groundskeeper

The Hollow City is a large city in central Coldharbour, and is the only safe location in the whole realm for Nirn-dwellers.

The city was once, long ago, the Ayleidic city of Delodiil[OOG 1] in Cyrodiil, devoted to Meridia, and her power continues to shield it from the influence of Molag Bal. For unknown reasons, she managed to use much of her power to push the city into the realm of Molag Bal.

The Hollow City is very unique, because it can only expand through the help of the Vestige by completing quests and making sure the scattered invasion force returns safely to the city.


When it was on Nirn, the Hollow City was populated by both men and Ayleids. They worshiped Meridia at a glorious cathedral, and their city's prosperity was ensured by magical crystals called the Lights of Meridia.[1]

At some point, the Hollow City was besieged by the minions of Molag Bal, who poured out of portals from Coldharbour. While everyone outside the gates were slain, those inside managed to hold the city. One of their chief defenders was the last Ayleid king, Laloriaran Dynar, who was present during the attack.[1]

It soon became clear that the forces of Molag Bal were too great, and that the city would eventually fall. However, Meridia saw an opportunity to both save the city and fight back. Using the portals Molag Bal had opened, she transported the entire city, with all its inhabitants, into Coldharbour. Due to the enchantments protecting Coldharbour, the inhabitants of the city were scattered all across the realm. However, the city itself arrived largely intact, and served as a shelter for many of those who remained. Meridia had thus succeeded in inserting a portion of her own power into Coldharbour, creating a space there that was safe even from Molag Bal himself.[1]

Many of the original inhabitants of the Hollow City were killed or captured shortly after the city was transported, having arrived in other parts of Coldharbour, far from the city. Nearly all of the remainder fled or died over the next few centuries. Even King Dynar was captured by Molag Bal and imprisoned in the Lightless Oubliette. However, the enchantments protecting the Hollow City were maintained by Meridia, who disguised herself as a woman known as the Groundskeeper.[1]

In 2E 582, a force of Fighters Guild and Mages Guild members invaded Coldharbour from Tamriel to stop the Planemeld. They rescued Laloriaran Dynar and used the Hollow City as their base of operations, opening portals within it to transport reinforcements and supplies from Nirn. They were ultimately successful in preventing the Planemeld, vindicating Meridia's strategic decision to create the Hollow City centuries before.


Restoring the Hollow CityEdit

During the quests The Army of Meridia and The Hollow City, the Vestige must rescue the scattered invasion force of Coldharbour, including Vanus Galerion and King Laloriaran Dynar. As the Vestige rescues their allies, the city will offer more services such as crafting stations, banks, taverns, and more.

The shops and services usually open up after rescuing 10-13 people.



There are many characters in the Hollow City, though most arrive after completing certain quests.

A few characters are already in the Hollow City by default, usually having been there when the city was first pulled in from Nirn. Others arrive to serve as vendors after a number of people have been rescued:

Fighters GuildEdit

After completing Light from the Darkness, the following characters are found in the Fighters Guild:

After escaping the Tower of Lies, the following characters will appear in the guildhall:

After shops and services open up, the following characters will appear in the guildhall:

Mages GuildEdit

The following characters appear after Breaking the Shackle is completed:

After shops and services open up, the following characters will appear in the guildhall:

Cliffs of FailureEdit

If they are rescued during The Endless War, the following characters appear in the Hollow City Library:

One of three characters will appear in the House of Darkness if chosen during the Endless War:

(Note, it is possible to save all three Mages Guild members, and whowever you chose in the War).

Everfull FlagonEdit

After Special Blend is completed, the following characters will arrive in the Hollow City:

Library of DuskEdit

After completing The Library of Dusk, the following characters are rescued and go to the Consultants' House:

Court of ContemptEdit

After completing the Court of Contempt, the following characters are rescued and go to the Hollow City Library:

Wisdom of the AgesEdit

One of the two characters will arrive, depending on whether you sided with them during Wisdom of the Ages:

The Moonless WalkEdit

One of the two characters will arrive, depending on whether you sided with them during An Unusual Circumstance:

(It is possible, but difficult, to get both characters).

The Soul-Meld MageEdit

One of the two characters arrive at the Dark Alchemy Lab, depending on who is saved during The Soul-Meld Mage:



Upon rescuing all of the civilians, shops, taverns, banks, crafting stations, houses and more will open up in the city.


  • The city's wayshrine unusually glows orange, rather than the usual blue. This is likely due to Meridia's influence.
  • There is a Skyshard just south of the city.



Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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