Holmar is a Nord who lives in Godsreach. He can be found inside The Winged Guar.


Holmar spends his time drinking at the Winged Guar. He is completely drunk and tends to offend or even attack other people without good reason.



Hession asks the Nerevarine to stand in as bouncer. They must clear out the drunk guests, Holmar being one of them.

Wood Elf with a GrievanceEdit

Holmar has attacked High-Pockets, apparently without good reason. High-Pockets asks the Nerevarine for help revenging this offence.


Greeting "*Hiccup*... Hey, where's my sujamma? What's taking so long.... Oh. You don't look like the... pulican. Pelican. Publican. That's it. Publican. Get outta my way. HEY? Where's my SUJAMMA?"

Greeting (during the quest Wood Elf with a Grievance) "*Hiccup*... What's that? Who's ... *hiccup* Who's there? *hiccup* Gimme another drink, you cockamamie bastar ... *hiccup*. Hey ... Hey, this must be about that blasted Wood *hiccup* Elf I just tossed out of here, right? *hiccup* Hehehehe *hiccup* Stupid little Wood Elves. Back, *hiccup* back for another round, eh?"

back for another round "Once not enough, you squat, *hiccup* dumpy treefrog of an elf? I'll take on you and your ugly *hiccup* [PC Race] friend too."
"Hello Holmar, can I buy you some drinks?" (not having 60GoldIcon) "You can't afford my appetite, outlander. *hiccup*"
"Hello Holmar, can I buy you some drinks?" "What? *hiccup* Well, I'm not one to turn down a drink. Barkeep! *hiccup* gimme two more sujamma's! Now! I like one in each hand. *gulp gulp gulp* Ah... that hits the ssssspot..... *hiccup* [Holmar downs his drinks. He grins broadly. His eyes struggle to focus. He sways gently, like a tree in the wind....]"
"Time to pick on someone your own size, Holmar. Like me." "Well, *hiccup* aren't you the uppity one. All right, have at. *hiccup*" (attacks)
"Holmar, you're obviously drunk. Why don't you head out and sober up?" (low dispostition) "Not with that wee little beastie person peering at me with those big round eyes of his. *hiccup* He's putting a hex on me, I know it."
"Holmar, you're obviously drunk. Why don't you head out and sober up?" (high disposition) "*hiccup* Well, I guess that my pockets are starting to *hiccup* run a bit dry. And Wood Elf tossing *hiccup* just isn't as much fun when you're *hiccup* broke. I'll leave... but only because *hiccup* I love you so much, [PC Race]. *hiccup*. Um, okay. *hiccup*. I'll be out of here soon."
Greeting "*Hiccup*... Okay, okay. I was just going anyway. Just let me finish this drink...."


  • Asking Holmar anything else than what is listed above in the "Conversation"-section, he will anwer with "Wha?"