Honed Ancient Nord Battle Axe

Honed Weapons are unique types of weapons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Honed Weapons are in two weapon classes: Ancient Nord Weapons and Falmer Weapons. These weapons look like their standard counterparts, but do a bit more damage, and have a greater value. These weapons cannot be smithed, and the player must do a lot of adventuring, in Falmer and Draugr dungeons, to find them.

Damage-wise, Honed Ancient Nord Weapons do around the same damage as their Nord Hero, Skyforge Steel and Elven Counterparts.

List of Honed WeaponsEdit

Here are all of the Honed Weapons:



The only enchanted Honed Weapon is the Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of Burning and Honed Ancient Nord Sword of Cold. It can be obtained by killing the Draugr boss Red Eagle, in his tomb, Rebel's Cairn.