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Honningbrew Meadery

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Settlementicon Honningbrew Meadery
Honningbrew Meadery
Honningbrew Meadery MapLocation
Hold Whiterun Hold
Location South-east of Whiterun
Quests Dampened Spirits
Characters Sabjorn, Mallus Maccius, Eimar, Hamelyn, Headless Horseman
Location ID HonningbrewMeaderyExterior01
Whiterun's renowned Honningbrew Meadery lies just southeast of her capital. The famous Honningbrew mead is brewed here. The Meadery consists of two buildings, the Meadery itself and the Boilery.


Speaking with Sabjorn inside the meadery will allow the Dragonborn to purchase a variety of food and mead. The Dragonborn will need special keys to enter the meadery’s basement and upstairs office; these are obtained during Thieves Guild quest Dampened Spirits.

The office holds most objects of value, including an informative note and skill book found on tables, as well as a locked chest that’s further secured behind an Expert-level locked door (no key available).

The office also contains one of seven larceny targets that pertain to a Thieves Guild Radiant Quest. Larceny Target: The Honningbrew Decanter.

Honningbrew BasementEdit

A dangerous mage named Hamelyn and several skeevers lurk in the cavern that follows. Slay him and poison the nearby skeever nest, then read the journal found on Hamelyn's corpse to learn of his questionable motives.

Honningbrew BoileryEdit

The Dragonborn can only enter the boilery via the meadery's basement passage—the front door remains locked at all times. Head upstairs and optionally steal from a locked chest before nefariously poisoning the giant vat. Exit the boilery afterward with the key that hangs on the wall near the door.

Notable ItemsEdit

  • Skill book (Alchemy): A Game at Dinner - upstairs in the bedroom on the table.
  • Skill book (Sneak): Three Thieves - in the Basement.
  • Honningbrew Decanter for Delvin.
  • Hamelyn's Journal
  • Approximately 396 bottles of Honningbrew mead out on the shelves and within the barrels in the warehouse.
  • After completing Dampened Spirits and returning later there will be about 250+ bottles of Black-Briar mead on the shelves and in barrels.
  • 20 Bottles can be bought from Sabjorn at a time. It is likely that his stock respawns daily.
  • Black-Briar Mead under the bed upstairs.
  • A letter to Honningbrew Meadery from Maven Black-Briar to make friendship and form Black-Brew Meadery.



  • The Honningbrew Meadery is the rival of the Black-Briar Meadery.
  • There is a bottle of Black-Briar mead under Sabjorn's bed, possibly meaning that he prefers the opposition's brew to his own.
  • After  the quest is completed, the signs outside will change to say "Black-Briar Meadery", confirming what Mallus said.
  • After the meadery becomes part of Black-Briar, Honningbrew mead can still be found in barrels outside the boilery.


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