Hooded Thalmor Robes are an item of enchanted clothing typically worn by the Thalmor. All Hooded Thalmor Robes reduce the spell cost of Destruction magic by 12%.


Functioning as clothing, the Hooded Thalmor Robes allow the Alteration perk Mage Armor to double the effects of flesh spells, such as Oakflesh and Stoneflesh.


For those wanting to find a full set of the robes, boots, and gloves early in the game just follow these directions:

  1. After exiting the cave with Hadvar or Ralof follow the path until coming upon a sign.
  2. At the sign turn left and follow that path until seeing a dirt path ahead going up a small hill.
  3. Go up this dirt path and find a Shrine of Talos with the dead bodies of worshipers and the body of Agent Sanyon, equipped with the robe, boots, and gloves.



  • If the Dragonborn is an Altmer and wearing the robes during "Diplomatic Immunity," they will be able to complete the entire quest without any fighting, until getting into the dungeons beneath Elenwen's Solar.
  • It is not possible to wear Dragon Priest Masks or circlets with the robes, as attempting to do so will un-equip the robes.


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  • When an enemy wearing the Hooded Thalmor Robes is decapitated and when the robes are looted, the head will still appear to be wearing a hood.

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