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"Working hard gives a man reason for drinking hard. Well, that and putting up with a wife like mine."


Horgeir is a Nord lumberjack and can be found in Dragon Bridge. He owns the local lumber mill and, according to his wife, is a lazy, good-for-nothing drunk. He says that his wife is spiteful and unloving.


He will buy any firewood given to him for five GoldIcon per piece.

After the Dragonborn steals the Dragon Breath Mead, they can choose to give the mead back to Horgeir instead of his wife, to which he awards them with a Block skill increase. Olda, his wife, will offer to pay the Dragonborn to steal his favorite drink, Dragon's Breath Mead, from his hidden stash.

Related questsEdit


  • "Working hard gives a man reason for drinking hard. Well, that and putting up with a wife like mine."
  • "You're a well-traveled sort. I can tell just looking at you."
  • "You been to Markarth? They've got a tavern called the Silver-Blood Inn. Best ale this side of Skyrim."
  • "Money's been tight since the mill's burned down. My wife won't let me forget it."
  • "They say a strong drink, a sharp axe, and a good woman is all a Nord need to be happy. Two out of three's not bad."
  • "Rest a spell. Can't work every minute of your life."


  • A Letter of Inheritance will be received should he die if the Dragonborn has given him firewood.
  • He can be found chopping wood on a wood chopping block occasionally. If the Dragonborn decides to use the block, however, they will have to have an axe already, as none can be found in the blocks area.


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