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TESV Horkers
Basic Info
Level 3
Health-icon 175
MagickaIcon 0
Stamina 180
DamageIcon 15
Loot Horker Meat
Horker Tusks
Soul Size Petty
Base ID 00023AB1
For other uses, see Horker.

Horkers are large, walrus like creatures that are found around the Island of Solstheim and in the northern regions of Skyrim. [1] The horkers of Skyrim are often hunted for their meat and tusks[2]


Usually, horkers are found near cold water. Many inhabit the ice floes of the southern Sea of Ghosts, in the northern Winterhold Region as well as Dawnstar, Hjaalmarch and the Haafingar regions.

Physiology and battle behavior

Horkers are walruses with three tusks. They are highly social, often found in groups of three to five. When approached, horkers will turn to face the Dragonborn and will roar at them until they return to a far enough distance not to alert them. If one is harassed or attacked, the entire group of Horkers becomes aggressive.

Although resilient and fast in deep water, they are slow and easy to avoid on land. This makes them easy targets, especially for ranged attacks. When badly injured, horkers often flee. Strangely, they are not resistant to frost.


When killed, they yield horker meat and tusks. Occasionally, they may also drop an Amulet of Mara or low-level loot. Horker meat can be eaten raw or cooked into Horker Loaf and Horker Stew. Horker loaves are praised by citizens of Skyrim who sometimes make remarks on how they enjoy Walruses meat. Horker tusks can be sold on the market. They are aggressive towards predators such as Snow Bears and Sabre Cats. Their primary diet is fish and clams. With Hearthfire, they can be stuffed and made into a trophy in a Trophy Room using the following materials:

Mounted Horker Head

Horker (requires Large Base)

With Dragonborn, an additional recipe is added: Horker and Ash Yam Stew.


  • Enemies will sometimes shout while chasing the Dragonborn, "I'm gonna gut you like a walrus."
  • Horkers may often be found dead near live ice wolves or snow bears.





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