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"My double is always working. It takes all my energy just watching him work. It's got to stop."
―Horkvir Bear-Arm[src]

Horkvir Bear-Arm (Dementia) quote

Horkvir Bear-Arm is a Nord blacksmith who resides in the Shivering Isles town of Split. Horkvir shares the town with his Mania counterpart who lives in the other half of town. Despite the two looking alike they are completely different in attitudes and personality.


The Dementia Horkvir is lazy and prefers to rest and drink all day. He states that doing just about anything (including talking) gets him tired. His daily routine start with him waking up late and heading outside to a nearby chair, where he will sit down and remain most of the day. He will only stand to go and find food, or to head to bed at the end of the day.

When spoken to, Horkvir will often remark how tired he is just watching his counterpart working all day. He will also remark on how even if he had the energy, he cannot kill his double because of the "rules" and killing him would end with him stuck on the Hill of Suicides.


The Great DivideEdit

The Dementia residents will all state that their Horkvir has an idea on how to get rid of the doubles. He will ask that the others be killed and that he will pay to make it worth the hassle.

The same deal can be made with his counterpart and he will instead become one of the target victims.