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An Imperial Horse

An Imperial Horse.

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For this animal in other games, see Horse.

Horses are animals that serve as mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online.[1] There are also two unique mounts that aren't horses, the Guar and Senche-Tiger.


Horses are available for purchase at stables found in many major cities for varying prices depending on the horse, but there are no level restrictions on purchasing a horse except for the Palomino Horse, which is usable at Level 10. Players may have multiple horses, although they can only have one with them at a time, and must go to the stables in order to change horses. The appearance of a mount is determined by both the type of mount and what they are fed.[2]

Unique HorsesEdit

Purchasable HorsesEdit

The following are types of horses purchasable and usable by players. All horses come with a default name but can be renamed at any time.

Type Name Level Speed Stamina Carrying Capacity Notes Price
Common Horse Online Common Horse Sweetroll 1 15% 10 0 Lowest tier horse. 17,200 GoldIcon
[?] Dapple Gray Palfrey [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] Only available from the Crown Store. 900 Crowns Icon
Draft Horse Online Draft Horse [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] 42,700 GoldIcon
Gaited Horse Online Gaited Horse Rambler 1 15% 20 0 More stamina. 42,700 GoldIcon
[?] Gray Yokudan Charger Shadow [?] [?] [?] [?] Only available from the Crown Store. 900 Crowns Icon
Imperial Horse Online Imperial White Horse[3] Diamond 1 15% 10 0 Only available with purchase of the Imperial Edition. 1 GoldIcon
Light Horse Online Light Horse Starlight 1 25% 10 0 Greater speed. 42,700 GoldIcon
Palomino Horse Online Palomino Horse[4] Fishystick 10 15% 10 0 Available from the Elder Scrolls Online Store, must be level 3. £10/$15/€12
[?] Piebald Destrier Ornery [?] [?] [?] [?] Only available from the Crown Store. 900 Crowns Icon
[?] White Mane Horse [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] Only available from the Crown Store. 900 Crowns Icon


Players can feed their mount once every 20 hours with three different items; oats, apples, or wheat, causing it to level up in either bag space, speed, or stamina respectively. These gains are permanent and cumulative, and are the equivalent of leveling up the mount. The mount can be leveled up to level 50, and depending on how high their quality was at the beginning, they will have differing levels of attributes at the end.[5] A horse's stats cannot be changed, but a player can always buy another horse with different attributes.

All three attributes at a time can not be all maximized. Progression stops once a mount reaches 50 feedings.

Each feeding/upgrade level costs 250 gold. This means 12,500 gold spent on feedings and at minimum 1,000 hours spent for a fully upgraded horse.


A horse's three stats determine the following:

  • Speed - Affects the horse's top speed and acceleration. Once a player invests a certain amount into Speed, an aesthetic change will happen causing the horse to have leather straps tied around its back. The maximum level of speed a normal horse can have is 65% more of its original speed, and a Light Horse can have 75% more of the horse's original speed.
  • Stamina - Affects the amount of Stamina a horse has and how much damage it can take before the player falls off. Stamina does not affect how long the horse can run by holding the Sprint key, but by repeatedly tapping the sprint key the horse can run even faster, but this does drain stamina quickly. Once a player invests a certain amount into Stamina, the horse will obtain a steel mask on its head. A Gaited Horse can have a maximum of 70 Stamina, while other horses can have a maximum of 60.
  • Bag Space - Affects the horse's total carrying capacity. It counts as an extension of the player's inventory. Once a player invests a certain amount into Bag Space, the horse will obtain saddlebags on its sides. Draft Horses can have a maximum of 60 additional inventory slots, while normal mounts can have a maximum of 50.




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