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For this animal in other games, see Horse.

Horses are animals that serve as mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online.[1]


Horses are available for purchase at stables for the cost of 17,200 or 42,700 gold, and there are no level restrictions on purchasing a horse. Players may have multiple horses, although they can only have one with them at a time, and must go to the stables in order to change horses. The appearance of a mount is determined by what they are fed, and if they have armor or special saddle packs.[2]


Players can feed their mount once every 20 hours with three different items; oats, apples, or wheat, causing it to level up in either bag space, speed, or stamina. These gains are permanent and cumulative, and are the equivalent of leveling up the mount. They can be up to level 50, and depending on how high their quality was at the beginning, they will have differing levels of attributes at the end.[3]

Each feeding/upgrade level costs 250 gold. This means 12,500 gold and at minimum 1,000 hours spent for a fully upgraded horse.




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