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House Gray-Mane is the home of the Gray-Mane family in Whiterun.


House Gray-Mane is the residence of Eorlund Gray-Mane and his children. It is a large, solid house, built by Eorlund over 35 years earlier.[source?] Outside the house is a small paddock with a cow. Inside the house is a central fire pit and dining area, with a small entrance alcove and Avulstein’s bedroom. Upstairs is a landing and two bedrooms with some books and valuables (usually necklaces) lying around.


Notable itemsEdit



  • On the outside, the house is marked with the "Loot" Shadowmark.
  • The house can easily be accessed during the quest Missing in Action, as Fralia Gray-Mane invites the Dragonborn over.


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