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"As a result of its close relationship with the Imperial administration, House Hlaalu has emerged as politically and economically dominant among the Great Houses of Vvardenfell and Morrowind. Hlaalu welcomes Imperial culture and law, Imperial Legions and bureaucracy, and Imperial freedom of trade and religion. Hlaalu still honors the old Dunmer ways—the ancestors, the Temple, and the noble houses—but has readily adapted to the rapid pace of change and progress in the Imperial provinces."
Great Houses of Morrowind[src]

House Hlaalu was one of the six Great Dunmer Houses, but lost its status after the Oblivion Crisis, when the Imperials withdrew from Morrowind, and the House was left standing alone as the only supporter of the Empire in Morrowind and was revoked as a Great House.


As House Hlaalu's territory borders that of Cyrodiil and though they are not a warrior house, the Hlaalu quickly embraced the Empire soon after they arrived in Morrowind. House Hlaalu welcomes Imperial Law and the Legions, and the freedom of trade and religion. Consequently, members of the House tend to be well-regarded by members of Imperial factions. They show respect for Dunmer traditions, Dunmer ancestors, the Dunmer Temple, and the Noble Houses, but are more liberal than other houses.

Because of their connections with the Empire, the House has made many friends and enemies. Ashlanders, and the three vampire clans of Berne, Quarra, and Aundae are all enemies of the house, due to the exile of the Ashlanders by the Hlaalu, and the antagonism of the undead by said Hlaalu. Due to political differences, the House is hostile with the two other Great Houses of Redoran and Telvanni, but does not maintain open warfare. House Indoril bears much hatred towards the Hlaalu due to the constant assassinations and plots enacted against them after Vivec signed the armistice. The Camonna Tong, a crime syndicate with Hlaalu connections, has managed to put the House on uneasy terms with the Thieves Guild. It is said that much of the Great House is run by the Camonna Tong.

The Great House has bases on Vvardenfell in the cities of Balmora, Vivec, Suran, Gnaar Mok, and Hla Oad. The Duke of Vvardenfell, Vedam Dren, is a powerful ally of House Hlaalu due to his former grandmaster status. The true capital of Great House Hlaalu is Narsis, a city on the mainland of Morrowind, in the south, near the borders of both Cyrodiil and Black Marsh. In Vvardenfell, Balmora is the seat of their power, despite the fact that no councillors live there.

The House Hlaalu crest features a scale,[1] owing to the fact that they see themselves as "the great compromisers," which "they believe is honourable."[2]
House Hlaalu Banner

Banner of House Hlaalu

Last days of HlaaluEdit

While Vvardenfell was destroyed around 4th-5th year by an enormous eruption of the Red Mountain, the capital of House Hlaalu, Narsis, was on the mainland of Morrowind. However, Argonians invaded the southern part of the province, where Narsis was located, in the 6th year of Fourth Era.

During the Oblivion Crisis, the Empire withdrew most of its armies from Morrowind to defend Cyrodiil. However, High Chancellor Ocato said that the Imperial Legion was already fully commited.[3] Whatever the case, House Redoran was able to organize the Dunmer into an effective fighting force against the Daedra, and eventually the Argonians, the Dunmer people's hatred of the Empire greatly increased. Since they couldn't take their anger out on the Empire itself, they targeted House Hlaalu, who had always been staunch Imperial supporters. The other Great Houses revoked House Hlaalu's Great House status. The House fell into obscurity due to their new-found pariah status until it became a mere shadow of its former power.[4]

However, in 4E 95, a member of House Hlaalu, Vilur Ulen, attempted a coup of the House Redoran settlement of Raven Rock on Solstheim. Vilur managed to influence much of the town into joining his side, but the coup was swiftly detected and brought to an end by the Redoran Guard and Vilur was executed. Many years later, Vilur's descendants infiltrated Raven Rock with the intent of murdering the one who had issued Vilur's execution order, Councilor Lleril Morvayn. Though they hired the services of the infamous Morag Tong assassins, all the conspirators were slain by the Last Dragonborn.[5]

House Hlaalu RanksEdit


Significant skills for House Hlaalu members are: Light Armor, Marksman, Mercantile, Short Blade, Security,Speechcraft.


Rank Attributes Skills
0. Hireling Speed 30, Agility 30 None
1. Retainer Speed 30, Agility 30 One skill at 10
2. Oathman Speed 30, Agility 30 One skill at 20
3. Lawman Speed 30, Agility 30 One skill at 30 + two at 5
4. Kinsman Speed 30, Agility 30 One skill at 40 + two at 10
5. House Cousin Speed 31, Agility 31 One skill at 50 + two at 15
6. House Brother Speed 32, Agility 32 One skill at 60 + two at 20
7. House Father Speed 33, Agility 33 One skill at 70 + two at 25 + Hlaalu Stronghold
8. Councilman Speed 34, Agility 34 One skill at 80 + two at 30
9. Grandmaster Speed 35, Agility 35 One skill at 90 + two at 35



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