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Favored SkillsEdit

Alike all other Great Houses, House Redoran favored skills are as followed: Athletics, Spear, Long Blade, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Armorer.

Great House Redoran is most suited to a character built around the skills of a warrior.

Joining House RedoranEdit

To join House Redoran, the Nerevarine must talk with Neminda, who is located on the main floor of the Redoran Council Entrance in Ald'ruhn. The Redoran Council Hall is located in the Manor District, Under-Skar, on the North side of town. Under-Skar is the large Emperor Crab shell building in front of you when climbing the second set of stairs through the middle of town.

After visiting the Cavern of the Incarnate, during the main quest and receiving Moon-and-Star, Neminda will not allow the Nerevarine to join House Redoran. The ban is lifted after Athyn Sarethi names you Redoran Hortator.

Expelled from House RedoranEdit

If expelled, go to Neminda or Athyn Sarethi and ask to make amends. You can make amends only once; if expelled again you are out forever. Being expelled does not let you join another house.


Ranks and requirements of the Great House Redoran are:

Rank Attributes Skills
0. Hireling Endurance 30, Strength 30 None
1. Retainer Endurance 30, Strength 30 One skill at 10
2. Oathman Endurance 30, Strength 30 One skill at 20
3. Lawman Endurance 30, Strength 30 One skill at 30 + two at 5
4. Kinsman Endurance 30, Strength 30 One skill at 40 + two at 10 + Councilman Sponsorship
5. House Cousin Endurance 31, Strength 31 One skill at 50 + two at 15
6. House Brother Endurance 32, Strength 32 One skill at 60 + two at 20
7. House Father Endurance 33, Strength 33 One skill at 70 + two at 25
8. Councilman Endurance 34, Strength 34 One skill at 80 + two at 30
9. Grandmaster Endurance 35, Strength 35 One skill at 90 + two at 35 + Base + Council Support

Once a member of House Redoran has reached the rank of Lawman, in order to advance further said Lawman must gain the sponsorship of a Redoran Councilman. In order to rise to the rank of Grandmaster, a Councilman must have a suitable base of operations and unanimous support from the other Councilmen.


Main article: House Redoran Quests

The Nerevarine may rise through the ranks of House Redoran by accomplishing many quests for the Redoran members.


  • House Redoran has a good reputation by the end of the Oblivion Crisis in Morrowind. They rallied all the Great Houses and fought the Daedra until the war ended.
  • Traits of House Redoran are strongly reminiscent of feudal-era Japanese Samurai who lived according to Bushido, a code of conduct which demanded great seriousness and adherence to certain rules of honor and family, as well as devotion to Shintoism and Buddhism.