House Sathil was a Dunmeri House of Morrowind.[1] This House was not a Great House and thus not part of the Grand Council.

History Edit

Fourth Era Edit

During the early years of the Fourth Era, House Sathil was allied with Great House Indoril.[1] House Sathil became independent in 4E 16 due to them seeing the Great Houses as unable to put a stop to the Argonian invasion.[1] As of 4E 40, House Sathil is recorded to have lived on Solstheim. Prince Attrebus Mede and Sul came to the manor of House Sathil searching for Umbra in 4E 40, they succeeded and left with the artifact.[1]


Trivia Edit

  • As of 4E 201, the House, or its members, are nowhere to be found on Solstheim, this could imply that the House is destroyed or that it moved back to mainland Morrowind. This is further implied by the fact that House Redoran rules over Raven Rock.[2]