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House Sotha was one of the minor Houses of Vvardenfell until its destruction by Mehrunes Dagon in the times of Indoril Nerevar. The only one who survived the destruction of the House by Dagon was Sotha Sil, who was rescued by Indoril Nerevar and later became one of his most trusted advisors.


Ald SothaEdit

Prior to it's destruction, the house created the city of Ald Sotha, which had their main holdings.[1]


At some point during the first era the city was destroyed by Mehrunes Dagon. The only known survivor was Sotha Sil, who had been saved by Vivec.[1]

Legacy by Sotha SilEdit

Sotha Sil, being the last known member of the house, managed to carry on its existence. When Sotha Sil was killed by Almalexia in 3E 427, the house had lost its last member.[2]


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