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House Telvanni is a faction that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Even during war times, the politics of the Great Houses could not be stopped. House Telvanni did not agree that joining forces with Nords and Argonians was necessary, thus they refused to join other Dunmer forces and kept away from the Ebonheart Pact.


Ebonheart Pact QuestsEdit

The Curse of Heimlyn KeepEdit

Warship DesignsEdit

Window on the PastEdit

What Was Done Must Be UndoneEdit

Vvardenfell QuestsEdit

Reclaiming VosEdit

Investigate Mistress Dratha's strange affliction and Savarak's involvement in taking over Vos' rule.

At Any CostEdit

Mistress Dratha tasks the Outlander with collecting the seven Stones of Cold Fire in the hopes of getting nearer to immortality.

A Hireling of House TelvanniEdit

Rising to RetainerEdit

The Heart of a TelvanniEdit


Ebonheart Pact Characters Edit

Vvardenfell CharactersEdit

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