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House of Orsimer Glories is a museum found in the city of Orsinium. It is being run by the Orsimer Curator Umutha.


House of Orsimer Glories is a museum dedicated to Orcs and their kingdom. It was founded by the King Kurog himself during the efforts of restoring the city in the late Second Era. While he is widely know as a revolutionary monarch, who despised some of the old Orsimer traditions, he deemed preservation of culture and history of the land a crucial step in forging an Orcish kingdom.[1]

The museum was run and maintained by a city Orc. King Kurog had met the scholar Umutha in his early travels. She was raised and educated in the Breton city of Wayrest.[1]


Awaken the PastEdit


Curator Umutha had prepared display cases and descriptions for numerous artifacts related to Orsimer history, but as a scholar she was not fit to hunt the relics herself. This task was better suited for adventurers and treasure-hunters like Vestige.

The collection of House of Orsimer Glories can be filled by performing quests or simply exploring the region of Wrothgar.

Horn of BeastsEdit

In-game display note: Horn of Beasts (Book)

Broken, its remains probably lie in or near the ruins of old Orsinium.

Trinimac House IdolEdit

In-game display note: Trinimac House Idol (Book)

Frostbreak ChaliceEdit

In-game display note: Frostbreak Chalice (Book)

Nuzava's AnvilEdit

In-game display note: Nuzava's Anvil (Book)

Guthrag's MaskEdit

In-game display note: Guthrag's Mask (Book)

Dwarf LightEdit

In-game display note: Dwarf Light (Book)

Eye of ZthenganazEdit

In-game display note: Eye of Zthenganaz (Book)

The Black QuillEdit

In-game display note: The Black Quill (Book)

Heart of ZanadunozEdit

In-game display note: Heart of Zanadunoz (Book)

Scepter of the Riekr King-ChiefEdit

In-game display note: Scepter of the Riekr King-Chief (Book)

Mad Urkazbur's Ice-EffigyEdit

In-game display note: Mad Urkazbur's Ice-Effigy (Book)

Torc of Baloth BloodtuskEdit

In-game display note: Torc of Baloth Bloodtusk (Book)

Centurion's SignetEdit

In-game display note: Centurion's Signet (Book)

Coldwind's SkullEdit

In-game display note: Coldwind's Skull (Book)

Armlet of TorugEdit

In-game display note: Armlet of Torug (Book)

Liquid SilverEdit

In-game display note: Liquid Silver (Book)

Hammer of GlassEdit

In-game display note: Hammer of Glass (Book)

Thukhozod's BracerEdit

In-game display note: Thukhozod's Bracer (Book)

Agra CrunEdit

In-game display note: Agra Crun (Book)

Uzdabikh's HelmEdit

In-game display note: Uzdabikh's Helm (Book)

The First CharterEdit

In-game display note: The First Charter (Book)

Map of ClansEdit

In-game display note: Map of Clans (Book)



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