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With the The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire add-on, a number of new items have been added to Skyrim. These items will allow the construction of a homestead, whether it be for foundation or aesthetic purposes.


Some of these materials can be purchased or encountered in the wild, while others must be forged or mined.


Image Item WeightIcon GoldIcon ID
Clay 0.1 1 xx003043
Quarried stone
Quarried Stone 1 2 xx00306c
  • Clay and Quarried Stone can also be bought for you by a Steward.


Image Item WeightIcon GoldIcon ID
Glass 1 5 xx005a69
Goat horns
Goat Horns 1 5 xx00303f
Sawn Logs
Sawn Log 1 10 xx00300e
Hearthfire Straw
Straw 1 1 xx005a68
  • Glass can also be encountered as random loot, while goat horns can also be obtained from about 1 of every 5 goats. If the Dragonborn is considered a friend of a Mill owner, they will allow the Dragonborn to cut logs at their mill: however, this option is extremely buggy and it's far less time consuming to simply purchase logs directly.


Image Item WeightIcon GoldIcon ID
Hinge 0.5 4 xx003011
Iron fittings
Iron Fittings 1 4 xx003035
Lock 0.5 10 xx003012
Nails 0.1 1 xx00300f
  • Iron Ingots are needed to craft all of them, 1 iron ingot can yield 2 hinges or 1 iron fittings or 10 nails. An iron ingot + an Corundum Ingot yields one lock.


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